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How Can Vision Therapy Help Your Clients?

Vision therapy can be a functional asset in a total treatment plan. Our team works with people whose vision is affected by:

  • Learning-related vision problems
  • Eye teaming or eye coordination problems
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions

We also offer management options for amblyopia, strabismus, and other issues with a focus on binocular vision, as well as sports vision assessments. Vision therapy takes advantage of the brainโ€™s neuroplasticity to effect meaningful changes and improvements to the visual system.

Why Choose Ottawa Vision Therapy?

At Ottawa Vision Therapy, weโ€™re passionate about helping our patients make the most out of their vision. We believe that with the right attention, care, and understanding, patients can achieve success.

We pride ourselves on our personalized approach and intimate clinic. We use our dedication and experience, taking the time to evaluate what each patient needs to attain or recover optimum vision. We provide access to the proper tools, but our collaborative, 1-on-1  approach allows patients to become partners in their vision therapy.

Our approach to vision therapy is holistic. We believe in collaboration and co-management between healthcare providers, and look forward to working as colleagues and partners in our patientsโ€™ wellness. If you have any questions about vision therapy or our practice, please reach out! We relish the chance to build stronger connections and share our knowledge.


We are conveniently located close to the Queensway, on the corner of Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive West, with plenty of free parking available steps away from our office.


  • 1547 Merivale Road Suite 520
  • Ottawa , ON K2G 4V3





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