How is this exam different?

Optometry Exam:  Examines the health of the eyes and determines if there is a required prescription.  Often includes basic testing of eye movements and some tests of focusing ability but may necessarily not deal with other visual skills. Often your optometrist will pick up on irregularities and refer patients for further evaluation.

Ophthalmology Exam: Examines the health of the eyes with little emphasis on prescription.  Does not include testing of more than basic eye movements and no testing of visual skills.  Ophthalmologists specialize in pathological disease treatment and surgery.

Developmental Optometry Exam: Once the anatomical health of the eye is assured, emphasis is on binocular vision, eye-teaming skills, focusing ability, eye movement and control,  investigating visual performance and processing.  Part of the examination will usually include tracking the eye movement while reading with an infrared recording system.  This allows the coordination to be quantified, analyzed, and compared against the expected norms for the age.